The Capital Letters Vol. 1 - The Murder Capital


-From the Murder Capital-

Vol 1 - December, 2022

Mostly for James: what is your favourite Nick Cave song?

James ( Liverpool, UK)

Dear James,

This question seems fitting for the first capital letter, given the inspiration for them came directly from Nick’s Red Hand Files.

Now, I won’t dare go off on a tangent about how difficult this is to choose, ‘cause I think we can all agree that wouldn’t be desirable.
So I’ll shoot on today’s gut feeling and go with ‘O Children’.
Pure sentimentality and humanity in those words. The regret and shame of entire generations, put so acutely into each verse…
Every time I listen to this track it pulls me into a state of sombre reflection, while it passes down the light of hope and possibility.

And so continues the cycle of life and destruction…

Nick has a way of speaking to the world as a whole, while simultaneously addressing the contents of our hearts as absolute individuals. This is one of his greatest powers as a writer. Or so it appears to me…

A total classic. I can’t hear it enough man.



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